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The Fixed Malllakhmb.

Image below shows Mallakhambists at their best on the fixed Mallakhamb.

Master Parag Vartak. 

(11-years, The one demonstrating the 'Y-Lever' position on the Tallest Mallakhamb) 

The Y-lever position is a very difficult position, which is possible only for those with a lot of flexibility, so, now you can imagine the amount of flexibility this young lad has. Parag Vartak is a National level player and has achieved this title in just a year!!!


Master Nikhil Kelkar 

(17-years, The one demonstrating the 'Swan' position on the shorter Mallakhamb)

The 'Swan' is a very difficult position because, while doing the  'Swan'  the entire weight of the body has to be supported on one foot, which requires a lot of balance and concentration. Regular practice is the key to demonstrate such elements gracefully

Master Chinmay Kulkarni (9-years, Demonstrating the same 'Swan' position on the ground)